May 14

Home Theatre Installation: 10 Steps To A Successful Project



Discover The 10 Steps To A Successful Home Theatre Installation Project

Building the perfect custom home theatre for your home can seem like a daunting task. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start spending money on components before there’s even a concrete plan in place.

This sort of slap-dash approach, though well-intentioned, can result in a home theatre room that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.

It may even waste valuable time, money, and resources.

Planning out a project of this scale requires multiple steps, careful consideration at each stage and a patient approach to making those big purchases.

A project of this scale should be managed in stages, so in this article we outline the custom ten-step install process that we follow here at Epic Cinema & Sound from start to finish:

Step 1

For new homes an initial meeting and consultation will allow us to look at your plans and discuss your requirements.

For building projects that are already underway and existing homes an initial meeting followed by a site assessment will give us a feel for what are you looking for and what is possible.

At this time, we will put forward ideas, products and solutions that we think will meet your needs.

Step 2

Based on our discussion with you we will compile a written quote giving a number of options for achieving the desired outcomes and pointing out the advantages of each. You will then have the ability to do your own research into the products on offer.

Step 3

A second meeting will allow us to answer any questions you may have and allow us to refine the quote.

Step 4

When you’re happy with the revised quote, wiring schematics will be drawn up and a rough time frame for the installation process will be agreed upon.

Any cabinetry needs will be discussed now so that cabinets can be designed with the equipment in mind and enough time is left for cabinetry to be designed, manufactured and delivered.

Step 5

Prewire – the house will be prewired with all necessary cables in a way that coordinates well with the builder and electrician.

Step 6

Fitout – wall plates, brackets and in-ceiling speakers will be installed, and cables terminated where necessary.

Step 7

Installation – the installation of all of the hardware takes place when the finishing trades have left, the house is secure, and the cabinets have been installed.

Step 8

Programming, configuration and calibration – the installed hardware is configured, and any control systems are programmed. The audio and video systems are also calibrated.

Step 9

Driving lesson and hand over – we will walk you through the use of the system and point out all of its capabilities.

Step 10

Three-month complimentary support period – during this period we can fine tune the system and its control hardware to ensure you are fully satisfied.

Why not break in your home theatre with a movie marathon? Dim the lighting, and pour yourself a drink, inviting over friends and family is entirely optional!


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