​Multi-Room Audio Packages

​Different music in every room or the same throughout, or a bit of both . . .

Home Audio Solutions

​Having background audio throughout the house can greatly increase your enjoyment of your living space. When you combine this with the ease of use and the vast rage of music available with multi-room audio systems such as Sonos it all becomes very attractive.

We have a solution for every situation and with Sonos you can start with only one or two rooms and add additional rooms over time.

We have installed countless ​home audio systems and we have become devotees of the products we use given ​their reliability and what ​they have to offer. We are yet to see a customer who is not completely happy with the​ systems we supply

Wireless Connectivity

​With ​a home audio solution, you don’t have to worry about dealing with wiring or cables. As it is wireless, you can immediately set up your audio system in just one day. ​

​This is ideal if you’re not interested in tearing down walls or investing in a fully wired audio system. A wireless option like ​​Kef means significantly fewer expenses and less time and energy, as well.

Customizable for Any-Sized Space

​​Kef makes it easy to bring it to any home or living space – no matter the size. No matter if your home grows, or if you wish to expand your audio to your bedroom or basement, adding onto your system will never be an issue

​Whether you want smaller speakers for more confined spaces, hidden speakers peppered throughout your hallways, or a full-on surround sound setup in your home theatre room​ – you can customise your ​home audio system to meet you and your home’s exact auditory needs.

Play Media in Any and Every Room

Optimise your whole home audio​. You can easily play different tunes or the same song in one or every room in your home that has installed speakers.

Program one song to play softly in the bedroom, while another dance hit plays loudly in the basement – and control both from your preferred smart device.

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