​Home Automation and Smart Home Technology

Sophisticated technologies at home, enhancing your lifestyle.

Home Automation and Smart Home Technology

​Your smart home is a place of comfort, somewhere that you can relax, enjoying your space and the media you love to watch and listen to.

The next-generation home experience grows from a home that responds to you; it’s the perfect temperature, the perfect level of light, the perfect volume, with incredible experiences in picture and sound.

Home automation is the key that draws it all together, seamlessly uniting all of your home’s systems in an easy-to-use way.

The Epic Cinema team has been creating home automation systems for over a decade, using state-of-the-art control technologies to put you in charge of what happens in your home.

Your phone, your tablet, and your home computer fit perfectly with on-wall touch-screens and keypads; we build a friendly, understandable interface–all you have to do is tap, touch, and drag to set the mood, start an activity, or change the climate.

We work in every digital eco-system, so whether you’re an iPhone fan or an Android advocate we can build a system that comfortably fits your needs, putting full control in your hands and giving you access to your home from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

Lutron Lighting Control

​Lighting Control is a system that allows centralized control of all lights inside and outside of the home.

By combining your lights into one system, it allows full control over scenes, individual lights and timed events via a computer, a touchscreen, in-wall keypads and your iPhone.

​The benefit of a Lighting Control will make your home’s energy consumption more efficient while providing comfort, safety and convenience to you and your family.

Whole-Home Sound Systems

Enjoying your music shouldn’t be hard, but losing the beat from one room to the next isn’t a great way to listen.

​Epic Cinema Sound give you access to your music anywhere in your home, inside or outside, with smart control and better quality.

​Whether you’ve got a massive MP3 library from iTunes or Google Play, or a huge vinyl and CD Collection, or you’re looking to stream the latest hits from Beats Music or Spotify, we can put your music everywhere.

​Epic Cinema & Sound distributed audio systems offer reference quality sound all the way through your home, in your garage, and out on your patio, with no lag or delay. It’s an incredible way to listen.

Automation Programming Services

Whether you need changes to your existing automation system or you’re customizing a system in a house you’ve just purchased, upgrading the control of your system is easy when you work with ​the team at Epic Cinema & Sound​.

​Our highly-trained in-house automation team will help deliver the most from your system, optimising it for how, when, and where you want to use it.

​While we are based in ​​Perth, we’re happy to offer programming solutions and services ​across Western Australia. ​

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