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​Established in ​2011 with hundreds of satisfied clients across Perth and WA, Epic Cinema Sound is synonymous with quality, efficiency, and customer service.

Our Products

​Our projects range from the perfect dream home theatre to complete home automation of lighting, temperature control, voice command and multiroom audio, all completed with fingerprint technology and state of the art security systems to keep your investment safe. 

What sets Epic Cinema and sound apart is Chad.

Chad’s knowledge of the industry and continual self development shines through from the first meeting you have with him to discuss your project. 

Epic Cinema and Sound has a long list of repeat customers, spanning over two decades. These relationships are a testament to the trust, knowledge and integrity in which our business is built on and the name Chad has created for himself in the industry. 


​A security system for a home or business will often be composed of two components, intrusion detection and access control.

An intrusion detection system consists of sensors and surveillance cameras that can detect unauthorized access, display an alert and/or audible alarm and send a notification to the monitoring station.

Access control can be used to restrict and monitor the movement of people into or within a home or premises to enhance safety and security.

We strive to provide a unified solution that provides a higher level of security and is easier to manage.

Many of the systems we install have the ability to interface with a whole home automation system to further improve the ease of use and the ability to control everything in the home with one interface.

​Our Approach:

We follow a simple 3-Step Process In All Our Projects​...



The first step in creating a home theatre starts with having a clear vision of what you want to achieve. It’s often good to talk to an experienced system designer at this stage so that you are properly informed of the full range of products that are available today and any future technology trends.



​An experienced system designer will work with you to develop a system design based on their understanding of what you are looking to achieve. A knowledge of the best products to use to achieve the outcome ensures a successful project.



Through effective communication with all of the relevant parties involved and a clearly defined schedule work can proceed on carrying out the work required to produce the outcome. The physical process of implementation can generally be broken down into the following stages:

Ongoing Support


​At Epic Cinema & Sound, we pride ourselves on having the highest possible level of support in our industry. All systems are carefully documented in our client database which allows us to solve 90% of our service calls over the phone.

We also have developed innovative ways of troubleshooting and correcting issues via the internet allowing us to fix your system quickly and easily. In the event that a service call is required, our technicians are quickly dispatched to your home – often within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is not just our goal – it’s our promise.

Epic Cinema Sound prides itself on partnering with the best companies in the industry​.

Our main considerations are given to Value, Green-Friendliness, Ease of Use and Innovation.

​Sally & Chad

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