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Leading in Perth’s technology and design community, Epic Cinema & Sound provides a unique blend of engineering, craftsmanship and imagination to a wide range of residential projects.

Since 2011 our team has assembled and maintained a large collection of technology products and services that allow us to deliver amazing results – every time.

What we do

Home Theatre Installations

We are passionate about home theatre and what can be achieved in the home with the technology available. No matter whether you are looking for a reference level home theatre that is the match of anything available or a more value for money system that still exceeds the experience offered at the local Cinema we are ready to provide.

Multi Room AV

Having background audio throughout the house can greatly increases your enjoyment of your living space. When you combine this with the ease of use and the vast rage of music available with multi-room audio systems such as Sonos it’s all positive.

We have a solution for every situation and with Sonos you can start with only one or two rooms and add additional rooms over time. We have installed countless Sonos systems over the last 5 years and we consider ourselves to be Sonos experts.

Wireless Solutions

We can provide a tailored solution that ranges from the use of a single high powered wireless access point to a controller based, meshed, multiple access point system.

For larger or difficult sites we will first do a site survey and use predictive software to produce a plan identifying where the access points should be placed and how many are required.

We will then test the prediction onsite to see how accurate it is and make adjustments as necessary. It all adds up to seamless wireless coverage over the entire property with exceptional speed and reliability.


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