​​​​Supra Cables

Jenving has been producing high quality cables for over 30 years in Sweden. In competition with mostly more expensive products SUPRA has won an impressive number of awards around the world. The Hi-Fi press often speaks about SUPRA products in terms of value-for-money no nonsense High End products. The company philosophy is to make “no nonsense design” products with the highest possible quality in cables, connectors and material. In combination with creative and patented inventions SUPRA is always a step ahead. Before our first product, SUPRA Classic 2.5 Speaker Cable (over 30 years ago), there were no speaker cables, but just cables. Our latest products “SWORD” speaker- and interconnect cable surprise Hi-Fi friends all over the world with their performance. If you are looking for super designed, mysterious cables, well… we don’t have them! But if you are looking for real Hi-Fi, High End cables, then SUPRA is definitely your choice.

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