Sonos is the premier multi-room music system available. It offers a huge range of music , ease of use and the ability to start with music in just one room and add more over time with no upfront infrastructure needed. The reason for this is that Sonos operates wirelessly. All you need is a power point in each room and speaker cables from the Zone Player which can be located in a ceiling space.  All of the Sonos units in the house talk to each other wirelessly as does the Sonos controller. You can even use your iPhone , iPad or Android device to control Sonos.

You can either archive your CD collection to hard disc in full CD quality or you can use a streaming service such as Songl or Rdio which offer access to millions of albums for a small fee each month. You can also listen to radio stations right across the world free! You can have the same music playing in each room or different music at different volumes in each room – the choice is yours. As you can see, no other music offers such a wealth of features.

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All the music you want, all over the house.


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