Acoustic treatment

Up to half of what you hear when listening to a sound system in a typical room is reflected sound (ie. sound reflected off walls, furniture, floors, windows and ceilings) NOT the sound coming directly from your speakers. This secondary information tends to confuse our brains and makes distinguishing detail within the sound difficult as well making the entire experience an unpleasant one.  It’s a sad fact that many people invest heavily in a great sound system and are disappointed that the end result is less impressive than that of someone who has spent much less. This is often due to poor room acoustics.

The best room acoustic treatments are those that you supply yourself in the way of furniture, wall hangings, carpet, rugs etc. To take things a step further we offer a full range of absorption and diffusion treatments as well as bass traps. Our absorption treatments are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, coverings and colours. You can either select treatments that will blend into the room without being noticed or ones that stand out and complement the room visually, the choice is yours.

We offer a free site assessment service to gather information for a full acoustic analysis of your room to identify where the problems lie and how best to treat it. Give us a call today.