Audio equipment used by movie and recording studios must reproduce sound flawlessly, day in and day out. That’s why the top movie studios choose Parasound gear for their Oscar®-winning sound designers and sound engineers. While big studios can afford to purchase the most expensive audio equipment on the planet, they consistently choose the same brand – Parasound.

When 20th Century Fox built their newest screening theater they bought Parasound amplifiers to power the tri-amplified speakers for every channel. Lucasfilm acknowledged the role Parasound power amps and surround processors played in the sound production for Star Wars Episodes I, II & III by giving us screen credits for all three movies. This Parasound honor is unique among audio companies.

It stands to reason that the audio brand so widely used in production of your favorite movies and music is the same brand that will produce the most exciting and life-like sound in your home theater, music room and throughout your house. Since 1981, Parasound has been praised by reviewers and consumers alike as the one audio brand which delivers the highest level of performance for the dollar.

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